The Expected Season



Wouter Corvers' project has a very clear relationship with the city. For his proposal 'The Expected Season' Wouter uses religious complex Mariënhage as a podium to launch a new ritual for sharing with inhabitants of Eindhoven. The interaction of the inhabitants and their natural surroundings - each with a different harvesting season - commence with the ringing of the church bell. Wouter installed a stairs and a balcony, dedicated to the celebration of the rhytymns of nature in the city. Everything is painted in a bright yellow, which is the colour of temporality in architecture. Each of the seasons is opened on the stage.


Wouter made a selection of ten normally unscheduled periods, which recur  each year: the flowering of the birch trees, a lapwing's egg, sheep's wool, asparagus honey, pike perch, lavender, mushrooms, bock beer, and a pollarded willow. The asparagus season, for instance, will be celebrated with new varieties of the crop and the Asparagus Queen. Or think of the sheep's wool season: a sheep-shearing workshop or a lecture by a sheep shearer. Of course not every product can be harvested, think of flower gardens! Wouter has therefore created a mobile service where the balcony is driven to the blossoming of a particular season's products. The mobile balcony is equipped with a bell to summon the inhabitants.


- by Ellen Zoete and Daniëlle Arets







The mobile balcony was exhibited  at Kazerne in Eindhoven (June 24th 2015 / August 29th 2015)

This is a publication about the project, fall 2015.



Pike perch



Bock beer

Sheep wool

Willows branches

Birch juice

Wild duck

Unscheduled products which can be harvested during the year.

The mobile platform will be used to present seasonal goods.



Impression of the Mariënhage square during the opening of an unexpected season: Sheep wool. The event shows the potential of an empty city centre.


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